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The Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness

As an authority on both structural and functional health conditions, the Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness offers qualified answers, corrective options and positive results to people who want to attain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness is conveniently located one block off I-90 on Randall Road in Elgin, IL.

DR. THOMAS M. MITCHELL, D.C., CCSP, owner and Clinic Director of the Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness, is a Natural Healthcare Practitioner, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Chiropractic Physician, a Functional Rehabilitative Specialist, and is certified in Applied Kinesiology. Clinical Nutrition is another area of proficiency, practice and genuine interest.

Dr. Mitchell’s specialties include:

  • Sports Injury Care/ Functional Rehabilitation
  • Concussion Care, Management and Baseline Testing
  • Back Pain, Neck pain, Rotator Cuff Issues, Knee Pain, Ankle Sprains
  • Clinical / Sports Nutrition
  • Sport Detoxification, Performance Nutrition
  • Neuro-Stabilization Training
  • Health Coaching

Combining kinesiology skills with chiropractic expertise, Dr. Mitchell has a reputation of frequently being able to produce effective results where other practitioners have achieved only partial results. His chiropractic and kinesiology touch, although firm, is gentle, sensitive, and highly intelligent. His watchwords, well-earned and thoroughly employed, have become “RESULTS-DRIVEN HEALTHCARE.”

The Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness has established three “centers of excellence” which include:

As a wellness clinic, we offer not only treatment but also mentoring, education and enrichment to the community, through lectures, workshops, classes and demonstrations. The Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness is leading the strategically preventative health care movement with answers, options and results.